TNC Summer Flames

Aug 29, 2017   /  

TNC Summer Flames 01

“Oops, we did it again!”

When the streets start to stream more heat, when the summer showers are casting a really moist spell and when our people could no longer keep our cool, it’s time we host another glorious Food Day and gave Gluttony a decent name.
So, what will feature dominantly in this round? One word, Chili!
Since Chef Xue is from Sichuan Province, the middle part of China famous for spicy food, we could already consider the flaming mission half completed! As for the other half, we know we can totally trust Xiaohong in her average Mexican performance. But, if average is not enough, why not take some sips of Eric’s Jalapeno Margitas?
TNC Summer Flames 02

TNC Summer Flames 03

TNC Summer Flames 04

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