Shrimp-tastic Joy: Embarking on a Fishing Adventure

Oct 11, 2023   /  



Even the stifling heat of late summer couldn’t deter the determined TNCers from embarking on a fishing adventure! This time, we joined the trend and successfully checked off indoor shrimp fishing.

With the cool air blowing, rods in hand, the time waiting for the shrimp to bite brought a relaxing state of mind — it was really enjoyable! Let’s take a look at how TNCers transformed into “shrimp fishing experts”!





As soon as we entered, we saw a super-sized shrimp pool that can accommodate over 20 people fishing at the same time. On the surrounding tables were fishing rods, scissors, and fresh chicken livers. Through the glass window on the side, we could see countless lively prawns at the bottom of the pool, all lively and jumping around.

Before the activity began, the shop owner gave us a brief introduction on how to cut bait and the techniques for shrimp fishing, and then personally demonstrated it. Soon after, TNCers eagerly picked up their fishing rods and took their seats.





To fill the shrimp cages, we all showed off our skills with different fishing postures—some standing, some crouching.

Some followed the techniques shared by the shop owner, judging whether a shrimp had taken the bait based on the movement of the float. Others took a different approach, slowly dragging the shrimp bait in front of the shrimp through the glass. Some shrimp would become wary and push the bait away if unsuccessful once, so patience was key. Once a shrimp was observed biting the bait, we counted to five in our heads and then swiftly lifted the fishing rod, surely hooking a shrimp!





The joy of shrimp fishing—you’ve got to fish to know it! As we gradually mastered the secrets of shrimp fishing, shrimp were caught every few minutes. Cheers and laughter filled the air as everyone immersed themselves in the joy of shrimp fishing, their faces lit up with the joy of the harvest. An hour flew by, and everyone had a blast. Can you guess who the shrimp-fishing maestro at TNC was?






The shop also served up various grilled skewers, including beef, lamb, and grilled vegetables. And the shrimp we caught were promptly processed on site, either blanched or grilled. We not only felt a sense of accomplishment but also satisfied our appetites. Already looking forward to the next OOODay!


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