Endless Delight: Embracing Summer with a Coffee Journey

Aug 31, 2023   /  


As the Shanghai heatwave turns the outdoors into a sauna, we’re finding it hard to say yes to any outdoor activities. Instead, imagine this: enjoying the cool comfort of air conditioning while sipping on a cup of coffee – doesn’t that just exude a sense of relaxation? Amidst the scorching days of summer, let’s dive into an extraordinary coffee experience with TNC, where the rich and aromatic notes of coffee beans become a delightful companion.  



Before we plunge into the practical aspects, a brief theoretical immersion is in order. Guided by the instructor’s insights, we swiftly grasp the concept of the three waves of coffee, unraveling the complexities of roasting levels and the unique flavors tied to different coffee origins. Splitting into two groups, we embark on a captivating journey – one group delves into the art of crafting intricate latte designs, while the other embraces the world of hand-brewed coffee.  





01 #Crafted Latte Artistry#



Watching the instructor effortlessly create creamy milk foam and transform it into a complete white heart that gracefully floats atop the rich coffee, a chorus of involuntary “wows” escape from the TNC members. Enthusiasm grows as they can’t wait to try their hand at this skill.  




But before the artistry, the TNCers engage in a foundational activity – frothing milk. Though seemingly simple, this action bears the weight of countless barista practice sessions. The angle of the frothing wand, the duration of the frothing process – these seemingly subtle aspects require mastery. With water as our canvas and under the instructor’s guidance, we experience the process twice. While our understanding might be surface-level, we’re all eager to delve into the realm of latte art.  




Reciting the mantra “one pour, two patterns, three harmonize,” our wrists mimic the rhythm. After several attempts, heart-shaped designs start to emerge – each distinct, yet all a reflection of our dedication. Italian espresso serves as the canvas, while frothed milk becomes the brush. With every pour, the intricate dance of aesthetics and lingering flavors unfolds, creating a memorable experience.  





02 #The Craft of Hand-Brewed Coffee#




The excitement for hand-brewed coffee is palpable. Every individual is eager to take part, to create. The instructor presents two distinct bean varieties, guiding us through the ritual of rinsing filters, preheating kettles, blooming, and the art of brewing – each step meticulously explained.




The instructor’s fluid motions are captivating, yet as we try our hands, the process is a tad more hesitant. From grinding beans to the moment the air carries the captivating aroma of coffee, the entire journey is both therapeutic and joyful. And just like that, our very first hand-brewed coffee is ready! Hearts racing with excitement, hands trembling in anticipation, we eagerly share our creations with fellow participants, basking in a sense of achievement.  




Using only boiling water and precisely ground coffee beans, after a stable brewing process of around 2 minutes, a captivating cup of hand-brewed coffee emerges. Discovering the intricate journey that a coffee bean undertakes – from its humble origins to gracing our cups – is truly fascinating. Be it the delicate art of latte design or the mastery of hand-brewed coffee, this coffee-tasting event not only immerses TNC members in the romantic world of coffee culture but also grants them the opportunity to savor the precious moments that coffee brings to summer. With a cup in hand, we embrace the beauty of time.

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