TNC Annual Party Extravaganza: A Feast of Fun, Games, and Surprises!

Apr 05, 2024   /  

We’ve been waiting for this moment—the annual party of the year is finally here! After a year of fun and laughter in 2023, let’s kick off 2024 with delicious food, exciting games, and awesome prizes!  




Time flies, every moment is precious, especially those unique moments with TNCers. At this year’s review meeting, we celebrated milestones and witnessed important moments for two senior members! They’ve been with TNC for a whole ten and fifteen years respectively! Looking forward to walking through more decades and fifteen years with them! 




The menu for the annual meeting has some exciting new additions! The fragrant scallion oil poached chicken is a delightful treat, with every bite offering tender and flavorful enjoyment. The crispy smoked yellow croaker is a perfect blend of salty and sweet, showcasing the authentic local flavors that make your mouth water. And let’s not forget the chef’s special handcrafted lamb skewers, with tender and juicy meat that brings pure happiness with every bite. TNCers have been giving thumbs up all around, praising the dishes non-stop!  



After the meal, enjoy some fresh red strawberries and crisp sweet green grapes, perfectly refreshing and a delightful addition. And why not top it all off with a bite of rich and flavorful tiramisu? The slight bitterness of the cocoa powder, combined with the mild sweetness of the cake, creates a delicate and smooth texture that melts in your mouth.  





Ready for a challenge? The quiz has kicked off this year’s gaming extravaganza, and snagging an extra lucky draw entry isn’t a walk in the park—it’s reserved for the top ten contenders. Curious about the hottest game at this year’s Annual Party? With the Rolling Roulette and Pot-pitching Challenge in the spotlight, the choice is tough! 



Grab a cola can and let the rolling begin! With each can’s journey across the canvas, hearts race and excitement builds. Will it land on a prize or a punishment? Luck seems to favor TNC in this game of chance!  


With the scene change, the Pot-pitching Challenge buzzes with excitement, with long queues forming. Each participant holds ten arrows and needs to throw them into a nearby pot within a minute.  



The game seems straightforward but is deceptively challenging, demanding a blend of luck and hand-eye coordination. A zero score means taking a penalty shot.  


Pants on, hands off! That’s the TNC way. We’re defying convention by getting those pants on using unconventional methods—handstands, crawling, you name it. Who will be the ultimate victor in this offbeat contest?  


It’s not just the guys—our TNC ladies are jumping in with both feet, enjoying every moment.  





The highlight of the night was, of course, the lucky draw. It was a real thrill ride! Who would be the lucky one to snag the big prize?  


Each winner pulled out their own piece of surprise from the raffle box! Was it a little stroke of luck, or did someone hit the jackpot? You could tell from the smiles on the TNCers’ faces! And the final round? It was pure adrenaline, with the prize money doubling! Just the sound of it gets your heart racing, doesn’t it?  


TNC is your go-to for all things fun and fabulous. Wishing you loads of luck and happiness as we dive into another year of working hard and playing even harder!  

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