Put your hands up for TNC Annual Party 2022!

Mar 21, 2022   /  


It’s our party we can do what we want; It’s our party we can be who we want!




A generous feast is half a great party!



Every year, our beloved chef, Xiaohong, outdoes herself at our annual party! Let’s just take a look at what’s new on the menu: Garlic Abalone, Mustart Shrimp Balls, Red Wine Oxtail Soup, Yibin Burning Noodles and Coconut Sago! Once they were all placed on the table, everyone was smitten!



Where there is food, there must be booze! In addition to our regular table wines, the admin team ordered a variety of aperitifs, liquors and spitits to spice up the party. Also, to make shooting liquor way easier for our TNC ladies, Jell-O shot were introduced to the party for the first time and it was a great hit!



A Party ain’t fun without GAMES!


Who’s this little one?



After a nice toast by our Host, people were all boozed up. Here begins the party game that everyone contributed to and has been looking forward to. Let’s turn back time to our carefree childhood!



On the count of three, whoever raises his/her hand first will get to have a guess at the cute little one shown on TV. A correct answer could win a chocolate bar, but what if it goes wrong…?



Take a Jell-O Shot or eat a sour candy, (s)he who guesses it wrong shall be punished! Will people think twice before they raise their hands? Absolutely not!



This is by far the best party game we’ve ever had. It brought our people closer than ever, no matter where we grew up, east or west!




Do or Drink


Lucky Draw is a regular program at all our annual parties, but if you think we’re gonna let those lucky bastards stars get away so easy again, you’re wrong! We say no weal without woe!



How to woe? Easy! Each of the draw winners will have to take the challange of Do or Drink. Different prizes require different amount of booze to be drunk, or a few Do’s to be accomplished till everyone’s satisfaction.



Do you want to take the prize? Okay, go to the toilet and take selfie with the stool and post it in your moment publicly!



If that’s too easy, we dare you to eat a raw egg, or do a trust fall, or… DEEP-THROAT A BANANA! We’ll make sure all your awkard moments are well captured and shared!



However, it’s okay if you’re not able to accept a certain challenge, but we do encourage you to get help from anyone onsite. Afterall, it’s the Teamwork that makes the Dreamwork!



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