Out of the depth of misfortune comes bliss.

Aug 31, 2022   /  





In the first half of this year, the epidemic in Shanghai was literally the worst nightmare in history. After the massive lockdown, TNCers finally returned to our familiar office and reunited with our “family members”!

Living in the times of normalized epidemic prevention and control, we now believe that out of the depth of misfortune comes bliss.




Food Package


The biggest worry we had during Shanghai’s massive lockdown was ordering food. With our refrigerators emptied out by the days, we felt such a relief that TNC organized door-to-gate delivery. Everything came in handy since this love and support are so precious!



Our HR Team has carefully arranged all kinds of groceries, such as green leafy vegetables, meat, eggs, and milk, which are essential for boosting immunity. The food packages greatly relieved the stress of getting up early every day to order food!



The second round of food packages was our May Flowers. Two boxes of supplies were quite heavy in our hands, making everyone in the neighborhood jealous. We are the happiest people in the community!




Ever heard of the Morning C and the Evening A? Well, for us deligent laborers, a coffee in the morning or a glass of alcohol in the evening seemed to be a luxury during the difficult time. We were very thankful that our HR Team pulled off their last string to deliver a final Snack Package full of heavenly sweetness and nectar!




Summer Party


To celebrate the office reopening after the massive lockdown, a TNC Summer Party must do its job! Check out what’s new on the menu this time!



The refreshing shredded lemon chicken, dazzling sushi platters, fried garlic ribs, and mini hamburgers with one bite at a time!



No one could ever resist the temptation of the iconic Summer Dish, Spicy Crayfish in 13 flavors! It kept our hands busy while having good chitchat at the table. Don’t worry if it’s too hot or spicy since we stocked the fridge with plenty of creams and booze!






At the semi-annual review meeting, everyone sent full blessings to the friends who had spent one year, three years, five years, ten years, and fifteen years with TNC.



The anniversary cards, badges, and gifts were carefully designed by our HR Team. The highlight of the meeting was when we asked those 10-year members to leave their handprints on the soft mud. This way, they will forever reside in the TNC Hall of Fame!



To celebrate work anniversaries with a sense of ceremony, let us thank each other for our company and trust in the past, and reap bigger fruits in the future!



Pub Quiz


This is the first time we host a Pub Quiz in our conference room! With many kinds of snacks and ciders on the table, let’s pair up and get the game started!



While others were trying to figure out a current answer for the Pub Quiz, this naughty guy was researching for a banned drink that may have been banned in the UK. It seemed he got all the ingredients he needed to make a Snakebite on the table…



The Pub Quiz covers a wide range of knowledge, maths, astronomy, and even our company chronicles and product logo designs. Honestly, taking the quiz drunk was the best way to enjoy it! At least the Snakebites helped Team “Pink Friday” to score the first spot!


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