All we want for X’mas is YOU!

Dec 23, 2015   /  

Planning for X’mas could be a little over-whelming, especially in the office of The NetCircle, which is already chic and chichi! However, with a genius HR team, it’s not too hard to figure out which spell we should cast – trees, tinsels, glossy balloons and BOOM!

Some wise man in TNC once said that if you want to start a party, nothing could possibly do any better than plenty of alcohol! Look at the face of Eric, who has never been so attentively doing only one thing – opening wines; I guess that wise man did see it all! When all bottles are opened on the table, the X’mas feast is prepared 99% in progress; the rest is just to add some turkey, tapas, meat and desserts!

It was the gift-exchanging that has been an unchangeable tradition of TNC for years; it was those gifts that proved us to be not only technology geeks, but also home boys/girls for long enough! Check out the fun presents they’ve got: chocolates are sweet; minions are hilarious; screw-drivers are quite useful, but helmet, seriously? We’re engineers for websites and apps, but not for buildings!!!

If you think our party only ended up there, you’re wrong! Hosted by an Asian-looking Santa Claus, the TNC office succeeded in capturing loads of laughter! How? Here are some of his tactics:
Tack 1: Q&As of TNC facts. Do you know how many nationalities are there among all TNCers? And how many kilos of rice do we cook every week?
Tack 2: Humanizing a table game we played in youth. Yep, in some of the photos is the magnified version of Flight Chess and that’s the biggest dice we’ve ever seen!
Tack 3: Importing some Latin flavor. When our guests got almost drunk, it’s time they acted real drunk! Let’s break the two poor little things and find out what they’re hiding inside!

We hope you enjoyed the moments we shared from our party. Now it’s only two more sleeps till the Big Day! So lastly, wish everybody a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 🙂

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