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Rockstar product extra spice

by Tine
Observations of my own Virtual Chicken

What makes a product successful? There are many good reasons: quality, price, features, functionality, stylishness and so on. Sometimes a product is successful for no good obvious reason. How about the Tamagotchi? The simplest, stupid and even annoying little plastic egg and just irresistible. Here’s a nice sheet which shows how simple but still cute the whole thing was. (I found it in a nice article about the Tamagotchi for those who want to explore it more).

Obviously they did something right and sometimes it´s just that little hint of catchy cuteness that turns a normal product into a Rockstar product. I don’t think there’s a formula of what to do and how to create that extra value that sky rockets the thing, but some personality, cuteness and humour definitely helps. At first sight Apple may not have these features. But how about the light on the Macbook that pulsates like a living thing or the logo which is clean and stylish but at the end of the day an apple with a bitemark, that’s shows some personality, doesn’t it?

So why don’t we just try it every now and then, it might not work but we can’t ruin that much. I still love Bizzards “Don’t pet a burning dog” advice while playing Diablo. Skype for example is an ok product, it’s useful but not particularly with a cult approach. What if they added a “personalizeable Startrek incoming call screen”. I’d be great for companys, as to be used a branding and CI, as well as the average teenager. I’d love it for sure. So c’mon Skype show us some Social Media Skills – read it here and do it. I’ll licence the idea under CC attribution. ;)

Trial and error: Kwippy, Pixelpipe, Aviary

by Tine

As I keep signing up to new services on a regular basis, I’d like to share my opinion with you. This week I tried Kwippy, Pixelpipe and Aviary (on a scale from 1 to 6, 1 is the best, according to German school grades)

Kwippy: 5 Like Twitter and Identica. It gets your Gtalk and Yahoo messenger status and let’s people comment on them. You can also share bookmarks and write short posts. Nothing new and for me it’s pretty useless. I’ll delete my account there now.

Pixelpipe: 2 Yeah I like that. Works great as far as I’ve tested it. Still there is space for improvement. The uploader I used was not so cool and not suitable for larger amounts of photos but maybe they provide something like that. I’d like to pic photos and then pick where to post them with checkboxes. You can change that but it’s not as easy as it should be, especially as I post different stuff on flickr and on twitter. Still a useful tool, cause you can see what you’ve already uploaded. Go ahead guys. It’s a great start and I’m curious where this projects goes. My last post was a pixlepipe test upload.

Aviary: 1 Pretty cool online photoshop, where you can collabotare with others upload, change, view sources and so on. Looks like a lot of fun, if you manage to get really into it. This might take some time because it’s complex but on the other hand that’s what makes it so interesting. I hope I will have the time to play around with this.

Pixelpipe test

by Tine

Red lantern in Longshen

Posted via Pixelpipe.

Gadgets make my day

by Tine

This might not be the place to talk about gadgets you don’t need – let me think about it – no! it’s exactly the right place! Aren’t you totally into gadgets too? You started as a kid, fantasizing about your father having a strawberry favoured tank to pick you up at school (which can fly and be invisible – but you didn’t needed to mention that because that’s standard equipment).

Well here we are 20 years later still getting totally excited about extra features you don’t need to survive or even to live comfortably. Let’s call them the “cherry on top features/ gadgets”. Besides the childhood memories these “cherries” are exactly what you need to be sucessful. You can make people want whatever you have to offer because of the price, the quality or the extra “cherry”. The magic gift of the cherry: It can make you ignore the voice of reason. You could call the “cherry” USP, but that would totally take the fun out of it and make it sound like there is a reason. For the Jetsons generation strawberry flavour (or camouflage pattern for the boys) sometimes is enough.

Here are some examples of what is a cherry to me:

- I’ve already posted a pic of my iPod with the cherry sticker

- Luminodot: I still hope to get it for Christmas, but if not I’ll buy it with the money I’ll get for Christmas. (found on

- Nohohon by Tomy: I already have 4 of them, but I’ll keep buying these cute moving things as they come in different colours, styles and move differently.

- Motorcycle suit: Do I need to say more?

- Zombie garden sculpture: I might need a garden first.

I’ll stop here. Otherwise I’ll spend the rest of my life with this list…

Unfortunately the “cherries” don’t always keep their promise. My iDog for example made me crazy within one day and had to disappear.

Friendfeed Realtime

by Tine
The party is over

The party is over

You are on Twitter and instead of being productive your time gets consumed by watching others being productive, staying informed and following links? Pretty bad but friendfeed now offers a possibility to make it worse: friendfeed realtime! You could simply sit there and watch friendfeed update itself. I love the tool but I won’t use it.

After all the communication, aggregation, collaboration I’m seriously waiting for the contemplation application.

Writing that I’m off to a 4 day photoshoot holiday in Guilin. I’ll be offline all the time, to see how bad my online addiction already is.

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