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We need more video surveillance

by Tine
At the FoeBuD Shop you can buy all kinds of RFID to video surveillance merchandise.
or how about a RFID-Scanner-Detector Bracelet? I think about getting the hooded Sweater saying:
No pictures!
I object to any recording, storage, broadcast, and other use of my image.
This imprint on this garment is machine-made, therefore no signature is required.

Paulo Coelho is everywhere

by Tine

I’ve talked about Viscape and how they use Social Media as a Online Company. Paulo Coelho is not necessarily connected to Social Media, as a famous Author he could as well sit in his house and use an old school typewriter and the publisher would do the rest for him. Well maybe the publisher adds some helping/ typing fingers, but still it is Paulo Coelho and assistants (who are Paulo Coelho enough to write in his name).

Alex mit Paulo Coelho by Alex Wunschel alias Podpimp

Alex mit Paulo Coelho by Alex Wunschel alias Podpimp

- So I know him as a writer and read two of his books. He’s not my favourite but I can see why people love him.

I know his name which makes him pass my selective attention filter. I saw his articles or pictures of him frequently every now and then, but as I signed up on Seesmic he was there too. And this time an assistant would have earned an academy award for this impersonation. As I’m looking this up Mister Coelhos last activity was 9h ago a reply to Loic le Meur. Do I need to say more? I will just in case. :)

The next thing that surprised me was a picture the Podpimp alias Alex Wunschel (the best german Podcasts ever: “Der Blick über den Tellerrand” and “Pimp your brain”) posted on Flickr. As Alex used a Creative Commons Licence I’m allowed to use it here.

Finally I did the search for Coelhos online activities AND? He’s pretty much everywhere and he offers everything. It’s amazing. I’m really impressed. He has a website – of course, he has a blog – of course. He has a site where all his communities are listed and – as I mentioned before – he’s everywhere. He offers free texts, free postcards, conversation, answers question, …

I just signed in to Friendfeed to follow Coelho there and the last thing my contacts (Matthew Bennett) posted was: “Great Guardian article about Paulo Coelho and how he’s making the most of digital + print to create a new experience:”. As there’s a journalism professor continuing the story I’ll stop here to reduce redundancy and pass over to the Guardian.

Unintended Linux advertisement

by Tine

I thought it´s funny enough to take a picture of the big billboard in Shanghai with this unintended advertisement, but I recently found out that there are people who actually find it a lot more funny and so I´ll share it here with you.

unintended Linux advertisement

unintended Linux advertisement

Olympics: Where do you watch the opening Ceremony?

by Tine

If you watch it at all.

I remember “Public viewing” in Germany for all the football events. So I was searching for something similar here in Shanghai. I’ve heard that many people will gather at people square but considering that about 20 million people are living here that might not be enough.

So what do people do? What do you do? Are you going to watch it? If yes, where?

I’m living in China now for a while but I’m still not sure what to expect from the Olympics. Anything can happen. I’m very curious. A lot of “strange” things already happened. So I’ll watch it for sure. Coworkers/ friends will gather and watch it while having a BBQ on the rooftop.

My personal social media chaos

by Tine

Yesterday I tried to explain social media to a friend and ended up confusing everybody. Inspired by ProBloggers Social Media Love in I drew a chart, sorting out my social media services and their connections:

social media connections

social media connections

To me that looks like a lot but whoever uses that stuff know that thats easy to handle. But I didn’t put everything in the chat. Just the stuff I use on a daily basis. There’s a Xing Account, Google Reader, Seesmic, nowpublic, neon where I sign in every now and then and about one million pages I signed up for and forgot about long ago.

Looking at this pic I get afraid of loops. A notification of a notification of a notification …

And yet I’m only using a tiny bit of the social media possibilities. Friendfeed offers to import 43 different services atm. Yeah I love new stuff, I love variety but somtimes I secretly dream about one service for everything and I mean everything. Well, I still only have one device ok two a computer at work and my laptop at home. But this might change soon. Anyone who bought a new iPhone and wants to get rid of the old one?

Ping me! You have about 20 channels to choose from, if you are lucky enough to have all my information:

  1. skype
  2. msn at work
  3. ICQ at work
  4. mobile phone china
  5. mobile phone germany
  6. phone at work
  7. twitter (Herr_Bert)
  8. stumpleupon
  9. delicious
  10. friendfeed (herrbert)
  11. facebook
  12. xing
  13. youtube
  14. flickr
  15. gmail
  16. gmx
  17. E-Mail at work
  18. librarything
  19. private blog
  20. company blog

I might have missed something but I think you got my point.

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