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Innovation days

by Sam

Since several months the developers and designers of the company started having a monthly day dedicated to innovation. It was important for the company having those days in order to promote creativity and knowledge. This week we decided to extend the session from 1 to 3 days a month. Here is a video created by Alper for the event.

Pics and slides from Shanghai Scrum Forum

by Sam

September the 27th was the first Shanghai Scrum Forum in our office. It was the opportunity for the company to share knowledge about Scrum in order to continuously improve our practices.

There were in total 9 presentations covering different topics (Scrum in general, Scrum masters and product owners roles, different aspect linked to the products business, Scrum and management, …). The event finished with an open space session. About the presentations I can mention “How little can we do and still call it Scrum” from Alan Atlas, “Getting to Done” from Vermon Stinebaker or “From Development Agility to business Agility with Scrum and Opportunity Engineering” from Julien Mazloum.

You can find here The NetCircle presentations slides and some pictures of the event. Blaise Iranyumviye and Mik Pathikirikorale presented Three years of Scrum at The NetCircle and Nils Weisensee presented Product Owners: Five mistakes that make your project #fail.

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