Java at TheNetCircle

by Jacky Hung

Java is a programing language and computing platform. It is the underlying or frontend technology that powers the programs including utilities, games, business applications and etc in many company. Java is fast, reliable and across-platfloms.

We have been using java for many years at TheNetCircle with different Java knowledge.
Take some examples:
We use Struts, Hibernate for our backend analysis tools for payment data. With the nice generated chart, our clients could see the purchase changes and make adoptions rapidly.
With simple tiny java application we provide our clients community websites with a wio(who is online) widget.
With EJB3(stands on JPA standard), we have another data processing tool.

Right now, we are moving toward AaaS (we dont like to use the world of SOA to facility communities in the lowest cost). To achieve this, we need more good Java experts to design the architecture of those applications.

Let’s take a look over the picture of our outlook of services:

Out of the dashed line area is the platform of our services which made up by many bundles/components (OSGi based), we can easily build one service by just adding the logic to the dashed line area and meanwhile to support the protocols you want to communicate with outside by choosing the bundles developed. Dev only needs to concentrate on their business logic, is that cool?

We try our best to use the Java knowledge to serve our client products, It may change accordingly, but it will get better!

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