The NetCircle went to Huangshan!

by Tom

Every 2 weeks the team gets to do something cool, fun and interesting. We were overjoyed when The NetCircle told us they were taking us to Huangshan for the weekend!

A bus picked us up on Friday afternoon, and in just a few hours we arrived safely in Anhui province. After a light dinner & some KTV action, the team disappeared to rest, in readiness for the next morning’s early start.

A fresh overcast morning greeted us as we left the hotel to make our way to the top of the Yellow Mountain, but our spirits were not dampened. The transfer coach efficiently took us up the tree-lined road, swinging us round the tight bends, to the cable car station. Tickets were handed out, and little by little the team was transported to the many stairs and paths, which would lead us to many beautiful views over the course of the day.

The sun decided to come out, dissipating the cloud cover by lunchtime, giving some members of the team a comforting reddish-pink shade on the forehead and nose. Over 2000 photos were taken on the mountain!

No blisters were reported, but the next morning there were a few complaints of sore calves and thighs…

On Sunday we left the hotel early to visit Hongcun village, where they filmed some scenes of the “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” film. Not even the tour guides with their microphone amplifiers could take away the magic of walking around this old village, full of narrow passages and hand-made souvenirs.

The return trip to Shanghai was uneventful, most team members spent the majority of the journey asleep, exhausted from the exercise and fresh air, but everyone delighted to have spent a weekend outdoors with good friends!

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  1. Davion says:

    A porvocavtie insight! Just what we need!

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