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The NetCircle went to Huangshan!

by Tom

Every 2 weeks the team gets to do something cool, fun and interesting. We were overjoyed when The NetCircle told us they were taking us to Huangshan for the weekend!

A bus picked us up on Friday afternoon, and in just a few hours we arrived safely in Anhui province. After a light dinner & some KTV action, the team disappeared to rest, in readiness for the next morning’s early start.

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HTML5 Code Jam (revisited)

by Neil

此次HTML5 Game Jam面向所有对HTML5技术感兴趣的朋友,让大家可以有机会在48小时内,创造一款自己的游戏。但是整个策划——开发——合作的过程,带给参加者非同一般的体验。希望通过这个活动,展示出HTML5更多新奇好玩的特性。
此次HTML5 Game Jam最后完成了八款作品,并参与了最后的评比。

The HTML5 game jam was for those who interested in HTML5 technology, giving them the opportunity to develop their own special games in 48 hours. This event brought every participate an amazing experience, not matter during the planning meeting or development phase, excellent cooperations. It showed more special and fancy html5 features through this event. There were eight games took part in the final competition in the end.

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The Five Scrum values and why they matter.

by Mik

If you’ve been working with the Scrum framework for a while, you should already be familiar with the basics. You should already know about the Scrum artifacts, the team roles and the Scrum ceremonies. But these don’t directly affect the people aspects of working with Scrum. For this we need to look to the Five Scrum Values

In this article I’d like to address an often overlooked part of Scrum, the Five Scrum Values. I personally believe them to be one of the most important ideas that everyone should be aware of and should actively be promoting, be they your Team, the Scrum Master (SM) or the Product Owner (PO).

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Responsive Web Design

by admin

The term Responsive Web Design has been around for some time now. Some say it revolutionizes the way we think, plan and execute websites from now on, others say it makes you re-focus on the essentials again. Reason enough for me to take a closer look in order to understand what this means for us web-developers and designers alike.

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HTML5 Code Jam

by Neil

On October 22nd & 23rd, the Chinese HTML5 technology group will hold a “HTML5 Code Jam” here at our TheNetcircle office. Technology directors from SpilgamesAsia and SNDA will guide through the evening and share their knowledge. Designers, developers, managers, gamers… everyone is more then welcome to join the event. Entry is free! Continue reading →

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